Reaction monitoring


We are interested in following the progress of reactions by means of several analytical tools to derive relevant kinetic data. The usually continuous reactors are all connected to online analytical devices which either consist of micro-GC, process-GC or spectroscopic devices.

For the study of the active sites under relevant gas-phase operation conditions, we can make use of an in-house built FTIR cell. Small volumes of liquid-phase systems can be investigated by the use of photonic crystal fibers (PCF) as nano-reactors. The PCF approach enables reaction monitoring at extremely low sample volumes and with, compared to batch techniques, unprecedented temporal resolution. Larger volume of liquid-phase reaction mixtures have been investigated with the help of a high-pressure NIR flow-through cell. By chemometrical analysis the extraction of exact information out of the broad and overlapping NIR peaks and the data treatment of multivariate data sets is possible.

Determining the individual concentration profiles of substrate and products as well as temperature profiles along the fixed-bed axis is possible with the help of a compact profile reactor (CPR) designed by TUHH. We have demonstrated the feasibility for high temperature applications recently.

In house developed IR cell for operando reaction monitoring

Selected publications