About us

The Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering (CRT) is part of the Department of Chemical and Bioengineering (CBI) within the School of Engineering (TF) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Within the department, chemical reaction engineering serves as an integral part of both teaching and research. The institute, with its interdisciplinary approach to teaching, provides an interface to the science faculties, particularly the department of chemistry. Our goal of the interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of chemistry and process engineering is not only following a common trend – it is the motivation to successfully conduct research and maintain innovation.

In teaching we try to present a modern, committed and highly-qualitative curriculum containing all aspects of chemical reaction engineering which prepares students to work in the chemical industry.

With several different fields of research we develop catalyst systems for industrially relevant chemical reactions towards increased productivity, selectivity and reduced costs and ecological impact. Together with the developement of novel materials for application in chemical processes, we want to intensify the production of chemicals in order to gain a better ecological and economical footprint.

For industrial and academic partners, the institute wants to be the first choice in the development of novel concepts for catalytical reactions by providing innovative and high caliber research activities. The goal of our research activities is to present fundamental contributions to chemical reaction engineering that – with the intermediate academically motivated applied research – is applicable to industrial use. In this context we try to gain external funding from industry and federal institutions to finance these activities.