CBI project planning course shows global solutions for Germany as an industrial location

This time, the CBI project planning course was given a global topic by the industrial partner BASF SE: in the course of three weeks, the students were to demonstrate how the chemical industry in Germany can be transformed into a CO2-neutral industry. For this purpose, the need for renewable energies (solar, wind) was determined on the one hand, and suitable sites were identified on the other. Thus, green hydrogen can be produced by means of electrolysis. In addition, it was investigated whether and how much CO2 is available at these sites to produce basic chemicals such as methanol with the green hydrogen on site. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) examined the sustainability of the production as well as the transport to Germany.

The results were presented to BASF on site in Ludwigshafen on October 13 and explained in detail during intensive discussions. A guided tour of the plant including a visit to an ammonia plant rounded off the successful visit. Many thanks to BASF and all participants for this great topic!

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