New building technical chemistry (NTC)

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Since 2016, the new building technical chemistry (NTC for short) for the CRT, TVT and ECRC/AG Hartmann has been pre-planned, planned, the building application submitted, more planning, the building application approved, even more planning …

Now the time has come for construction to actually begin: after preliminary work such as laying the heating pipeline and demolishing the old boiler house, the excavation pit is now being dug.


Baustelle NTC
01.03.2024 Excavation pit NTC, © F. Siegert

Completion is planned for 2027, so far everything is still on schedule. Until then, we will report on the progress of construction here at irregular intervals.

And this is how it should look one day:


Ansicht des fertigen Gebäudes von der Immerwahrstrasse aus gesehen.
Architect’s design, view from Immerwahrstrasse
Immerwahrstrasse, © Doranth-Post Architekten


More impressions are available at Doranth Post Architekten.